10 Top Strange Delivery Stories!!



Delivery boys , what is the weirdest delivery you ever did?

-I was delivering a pizza and after I knocked on the door I heard a far away voice yell “coming!”, so I waited. After about a minute I hear the same voice a little closer yell “almost there just wait!”. This continues for several minutes, with the voice coming closer and closer until the person finally reaches the door and opens it. I’m expecting to see someone at eye level, however instead I’m greeted by a smiling person on the floor who had no legs and dragged themselves across the house to answer the door. I offered to put the pizza inside for them in the kitchen and they were pretty appreciative-by YetiPie

-this isn’t the same really, but i used to deliver to a blind guy (who I also used to wait on at a buffet before that strangely enough), who told me that I was the first person that told him what each item was before i handed it to him so he could get it straight.-by WWTFSMD

– I delivered like five pizzas to this guy once. I had to ring the doorbell several times before he came to the door. When he got there he didn’t really say anything except to come on in real quick. Now you aren’t supposed to go in people’s houses but I decided who cares I can defend myself. I get inside this guys huge house and its full of weird shit. There was a full suit of armor right by the door, and somewhere he had this Halloween CD playing creepy, deep voiced laughs. While he’s searching for his wallet the biggest dog I’ve ever seen walks up to me and falls at my feet pushing me over. So I’m sitting next to a suit of armor petting this huge dog waiting for this middle aged man to pay me.
He gave me a $40 tip.-by duudewhaaat

-The guy who answered the door looked like he had just seen a ghost and was a little jittery so I’m pretty sure he was on some kind of drugs.
Anyways, he hands me 10$ for a 15$ bill and tries to go back inside really quick. I realize that he didn’t hand me enough money so I knock on the door and tell the guy he still owed me like 5 dollars so he starts patting his pockets and finally pulls his hand out to as if to give me more money but has nothing in his hand. He extended his hand to give me this imaginary money and was visually surprised when I wasn’t fooled by his trickery.
The guy does this 2 or 3 more times before having me call my manager to attempt to use his card to pay even though I’m sure he knew it wouldnt work. At this point he goes back inside because he “just heard his roommate come in” and is going to “borrow money from him”. So I wait, and I wait until I knock again. The guy cracks the door, sees its me, and closes the door again really quick like he was surprised I didnt go away. Eventually after about 10 minutes of annoyance and feeling like I might get stabbed I told the guy I either needed money or the food, which he reluctantly gave back. All in all a very strange experience.-by BILLMURRAYWINS

-It wasn’t a delivery, it was at a retail place, but I had a similar experience. A woman would come into a food shop, order an ice cream, get to the register, wait for you to tell her her total, then nod and slowly, sloooowly, turn and walk away. If you said “Hey you have to pay” she’d stop, look at you without saying anything, and then again start tuuuuurning slooooowly to go.
She was older and maybe from a senior care home nearby, so possible dementia? But it seemed more complicated than that. I mean fuck yeah if you can just take ice cream from teenagers at registers by acting like you are senile why not? She definitely got away with it a lot. The first time I just figured she had some brain function problems and let her have her ice cream. After that I tried to get her to pay, then I told her to give the ice cream back and threw it in the trash. She would come in maybe once a month.-by YETI_POET

-Pulled up to this easily $1.5-2mil house. Lady opens the door and as shes signing the receipt I hear, “Bethany! Willis is in the dog food again!” This is deep in Louisiana, so this is all in a typical southern drawl. I look behind her and see a man chasing a full grown pot-belly pig wearing an LSU jersey away from what I assume is the dog food area. Willis returned to the area shortly after.-by JUICEWAVE

-A man answered the door in a robe. The robe was closed, but I guess he wasn’t wearing underwear, because as we’re exchanging money, a stream of piss starts to fall between his legs and right onto his own carpet. He doesn’t seem to notice, or just doesn’t care. I take a big step back out of the splash zone,  and he just keeps making small talk while it’s happening.-by KEVINJAMESSFAN

-I know of a kid who was a drug addict that had pizza delivered to his house. Once he heard the doorbell, he walked out his back door with a ski mask on and robbed the delivery driver in front of his own home. After that, he walked back around the home and opened the front door from inside pretending to be surprised that the guy was robbed.
Idiot ended up getting arrested but it was the worst plan ever hatched by someone I knew.-by KNAPSACKNINJA

-Delivered 30 pizzas to an Amish family. About a 35 minute drive. The entire family met me outside to grab a pizza. I took the rest in and followed them inside to their dining table. The elder of the family gestured to me to sit down with them and he pointed to the one open seat. I realized that they saved me a seat to eat with them. I didn’t know to much about the Amish back then, and I wasn’t sure how rude it would be to say that in working and couldn’t/shouldn’t. I was also thinking on the other hand they could have killed me (remember I wasn’t an educated 16 yr old) so I sat down and ate two slices of pepperoni pizza with them. I found the girl across the table to be very attractive. They said a prayer of some sort and didn’t talk much after that. Just asked my name and how thankful they were for me to drive all that way. I finally had to get back to work. They didn’t tip, which was fine. I enjoyed the time with them.
Edit: spelling.
This was in 2005? I think and it was for Pizza Hut in Fort Wayne, IN.
Edit 2: The curiousness of how they ordered. I don’t know about all families, but I saw a lot of Amish heads-of-households (fathers typically) carry cell phones for “business” purposes. Besides farming, a lot of families made furniture for the clothes displays in stores and at malls and such. They had huge barns to make furniture. They would have huge generators behind the buildings to run the equipment. They can’t be connected to city power and the generators couldn’t run electricity for the house or lights, but the rules for the barn was different somehow. They aren’t as disconnected as one may think. However their house was completely standard by Amish terms. Still had to heat up the bath old fashioned, there were flies all over, no fans, etc. I didn’t see how they kept food cold if at all during the summer. No washer/dryer. But the generators sure did help with there business practices; running tools and such. They also don’t drive, but they have vans and they would hire a non-Amish driver to take them to the city sometimes.-by STEAMBOAT

-This was in my first month of delivering pizzas. I pull up to a 4 plex (2 floors, 2 apartments per floor) and knock on the correct door. After a minute an old scruffy russian sounding guy answers the door and says “How much?”. I told him the total and he walks off to get money.
I look over to my right and can see the top of his wife’s head poking over the back of a recliner. She is gabbing away with a friend on the phone going on and on. After a minute or two of listening to her wondering what is taking this guy so long, I hear a change jar being emptied on the counter. “This guy seriously is about to pay me with all change and doesn’t even have it counted? SHIT.” I sighed hard but was thankful we were slow at the time, so I wouldn’t really miss out on any money waiting for this guy.
So here I am, listening to this old lady blabbing on, not understanding pretty much anything she is saying, while i can hear the old man scooting change around as he counts it. Finally after a solid 5+ minutes of standing there, the man walks out and says something to his wife in a foreign language. She rotates the chair around so i can clearly see her and there is no phone. I immediately stuck my head inside looking for a phone. I can see the table by the chair is empty, and there is nothing in her hands, on her lap, on the floor. I looked everywhere for this phone. There wasn’t one. She was literally talking to herself/the wall.
I started going crazy in my head wondering what was going on. She starts talking to the air again, and turns her chair back towards the wall. The guy goes and grabs the money, and hands me a bag. It was filled with nickles and dimes. There was not 1 quarter, or silver dollar or anything. I just looked at him, bewildered, then to her, mouth slightly agape wondering what was happening. “Is 20 cents for you.”
I said nothing. I turned around with my bag of changed and walked back to my car. The whole thing took about 15 minutes, most of which was spent with me standing in a wide open door in the middle of summer listening to a crazy old lady talk to the wall. When I got back to the store I plopped the bag of money down and explained what happened. My manager says “You never know what to expect… hell a few months ago someone delivered to a porn shoot and saw all the women walking around naked!” I never found out if that was true or not. but i like to think it is.-by COOLZ

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