Dangerous Dog Breeds Most Prone to Turn on Their Owners


Despite of being the faithful and most excellent pets, dogs can be dangerous. Yet, there are a few dog breeds which tend to be more dangerous than many others. I have put together a list of top 3 most dangerous dog breeds. Have a look:

American Pit Bull Terrier

If you’ll evoke or startle the dog, there are chances that you may be bitten by the dog. Due to its ferocious genetic make-up, the dog was also used for baiting bulls and bears before.

In case you provoke the dog, there are more chances of your becoming attacked. American Pit Bull Terrier is recognized to assault maximum people as compared to another strain.


Rottweiler is a loving and dutiful dog but the dog has also made news. The dog has strength and great aggression that make him dangerous. Negligent possession, insufficient training, maltreatment, and dearth of socialization leads from Rottweiler to risky behaviour.

In order that they don’t develop a dog that was dangerous, pet owners are advised to offer their Rottweiler dog professional training. Data suggest that Rottweiler dogs are capable of killing people. The dog has strong jaws and stocky body that is powerful.

Wolf hybrid

Being a hybrid of a wolf along with a dog, Wolf Hybrid has great potential to damage people. With a lot of wild traits, Wolfdogs are typically not kept as pets. Moreover, if the wolf is bred with a dog that has standing of a dog that is risky then the resultant is a combination that is highly threatening.

To make sure your wolf hybrid is well behaved, is is necessary to provide him consistent and firm training. It begins showing more signs of a wolf, when a wolf dog becomes mature.

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