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Palantir Technologies comes with an important new ally in the military organization, with among the business’s own lobbyists being named to some top Pentagon job where he is going to have the ear of Defense Secretary James Mattis.

For a long time, the Silicon Valley data company has fought to get a lucrative contract to work with the Army’s battleground intelligence system. Lobbyists have been deployed by the organization as well as sued the Army — successfully — to protest what it’s called an unjust bid procedure.
Now, a Palantir insider who played an important part in that attempt, Justin Mikolay, continues to be hired by the Trump government as a special assistant BuzzFeed News has confirmed. The job means Mikolay will be a part of an intimate team of advisors who prepare Mattis for assemblies with the White House as well as allies, a degree of accessibility enjoyed by few in the Pentagon.

Additionally, he worked together with the DoD Standards of Conduct Office to execute a screening arrangement to make sure all specific issues involving Palantir are forwarded to another senior defense official for proper settlement. Such recusals aren’t unusual for civilian appointees that have worked formerly in the private sector.”
Mikolay nor a Palantir representative responded to multiple requests. Mikolay was reported by ProPublica.
Palantir has a strong ally in President Donald Trump’s orbit: its chairman, Peter Thiel and cofounder, who’s an integral advisor to the president on problems that are technology and is working on picking political appointees for the government. Though Palantir is a privately held company, Alex Karp, its CEO, was encouraged to Trump’s assembly with technology leaders — from substantially bigger publicly traded giants such as Facebook, Amazon, and Google.
Palantir needs a contract for the next period of the Distributed Common Ground System, which examines data for soldiers in conflict in pitching the Army. Palantir has worked for three-letter agencies along with the military’s Special Operations Command, but it didn’t get the very first stage of the Army job and needs to make certain it does the second is missed by n’t. Palantir has a chance at getting the $200 million deal that is possibly since predominating in its suit.
Mikolay and others from Palantir and Army representatives met in a sales effort, the e-mail shows. Both sides discussed the potential work in a few depth, including a possible pilot program with an Army division as well as a projected pricing model.
Compared using a preceding “super-confrontational” assembly, the November meeting was “an actual discussion” during which an Army officer supervising the intelligence system “asked particular questions geared toward identifying valid approaches to integrate Palantir to the center infrastructure/design,” Mikolay told Palantir co-workers.
Finally, this seemingly didn’t count for much.
Where he worked as a speechwriter in joining the Defense Department, is returning to an agency.

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