Simple Gift Idea using Mason Jar & Photos | DIY


For showing pictures want some creative ideas? This can be this kind of unique idea for showing your favorite photos.

Although, I’d have not dreamed which you can really do this using a picture! After I saw her pour in olive oil after putting the image in there, I was somewhat surprised! It must be an image on photo paper so that you can work, although I’d have believed the photograph will be destroyed.

These make excellent presents for friends and family. It’s huh, a truly smart “picture frame”?

Just what a great thought…hanging a photograph in oil to get an original twist on graphic display. Certainly, his is a one of a kind picture frame.

I’ve seen them turned upside down with an as well as trimming ribbon tied round the underside and that’s an option that is genuinely adorable!

Watch how Rebecca Regnier makes this in her step by step tutorial to get exact info on how to do this great DIY project!

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