Weird Flowers


These aren’t blooms you’d give to your own mom. Some smell like rotting or feces corpses, some are very awful, some are fatal while others are simply odd. These 3 blooms that are extreme range from the world’s stinkiest, biggest, smallest and many dangerous. Stunning examples of the wonders that are very surprising that nature can serve up, the world outrageous blooming disgust, amaze and entice.

1-Fleshy Fecal- Hydnora africana, Scented Parasitic Bloom

Like a rock, the Hydnora africana looks in the beginning, mixing in on the desert floor. But it rises and opens its maw that is terrifying and you realize you’ve come upon something outrageously uncommon. The flower opens in three sections called sepals, showing a cavity that stinks enticing in dung beetles. This becomes a trap that is temporary, keeping the beetles inside to empower pollination. The flower opens so the beetles can escape.

2-Rafflesia arnoldii, World’s Greatest Blooms

Just like a mutant toadstool crossed with man eating flowers from a different planet, Rafflesia arnoldii may reach as much as three feet in diameter and is crimson with white speckles. Oh yeah, plus it smells just like a dead body. Afterward it opens to show itself in all its own glory, emitting an odor of decomposition to bring the flies that help it disperse and will pollinate it.

Rafflesia arnoldii is discovered just in the rainforests of Sumatra Island Benkulu, Indonesia and Malaysia.
The bloom is completely repulsive and fascinating – particularly once you get close enough to see exactly how mammalian it actually seems, with pimply flesh covered in small hairs and pollen-producing parts which look like pustules.

3-Welwitschia mirabilis, ancient Desert Flower

It’s gruesome, looking like something that washed on the shore and died out to sea. It’s weird. It’s very distinctive and also exceptionally uncommon. The truth is, it’s the latter state’s national bloom. Welwitschia managed to endure despite radical developments to the climate of its own surroundings, although similar plants vanished.

These leaves often eventually become ragged and frayed divide by sand and the wind to resemble a more substantial amount of leaves.

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