What’s new with Sony Playstation4?


Sony has elaborate the choices coming at intervals the PlayStation 4’s next code update, that’s codenamed “Sasuke.”


Update 4.50 will introduce drive support, allowing storage device that supports USB 3.0 to be recognized by the console. in step with the official PlayStation journal, exhausting drives of up to 8TB ar compatible; you will even be able to transfer and install on to them.

What ‘s in playstation 4 new version?


-Custom wallpapers will be side as a part of the update, thus you’ll “set your favorite in-game screenshot because the background image for PS4’s home screen.” Effects like drop-shadows on text and dimmed function area will “help keep the system icons and texts on the house screen clearly visible though the background image you chose is super bright.” Screenshots can be edited in the Share factory to be further customized.


-The quick menu, which is accessed by holding down the PS button on the PS4’s controller, will also be refreshed to “make it even more accessible.” It will cover less of the gameplay screen and give players quicker access to Party features.


-The notification list has been simplified: it is now a single list that surfaces information on game alerts, downloads, uploads. Additionally, the ability to post directly into the Activity Feed has also been added.


Finally, the update will let 3D movies to be viewable in stereoscopic 3D using the PlayStation VR headset.

Sony has said there “are more features included in [update] 4.50,” and it will have “additional info, including launch timing, in the weeks to come.”


On February 2, Sony announced it shipped 9.7 million PS4 consoles in the three months spanning October 1 to December 31, 2016. This is an improvement over the same period in 2015, when it shipped 8.4 million units.


Playstation 4 price in usa

Sony’s PlayStation 4 is finally getting its price cut. The physics giant announced it will trim the worth of the computer game console from $399.99 to $349.99 at intervals the U.S. beginning New Style calendar month 9. it’s the initial time Sony has slashed the worth of PS4 at intervals the U.S. since it launched New Style calendar month 2013

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